“I am Brazilian, but Portugal has given me everything. Even more than Brazil. I decided, at the time, to play with Portugal to show my gratitude. I knew that he could be called by Brazil, because he was still young, but he preferred to defend the colors of Portugal“Deco told this newspaper ten years ago. Like so many other Portuguese nationalized Brazilians (Pepe and Liedson in that same call), Deco preferred to play for the country that had welcomed him with open arms. In his case, where he triumphed with the Port, being the 10 of the first Champions of José Mourinho.

Deco was already arriving in South Africa at the age of 32, after a discreet season at Chelsea and 74 matches with Portugal. An enviable record and, above all, nothing to prove. Unlike in Euro 2004 when, from the break in the first match, he played every minute. However, it did not hurt to say goodbye to the injured team. In training, he suffered a puncture in the hip that did not allow him to sit on the bench against Korea and Brazil., the most special rival possible and against whom he debuted in a friendly match at the end of March 2003.

Like another legend, Henry, Deco did not have the farewell that a figure of his stature would have deserved. But it is always said that there are no ugly or pretty endings, just endings. “Avoiding Spain in the round of 16 would be good”, he said on June 24, 2010. On the 29th, Villa eliminated them.

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