Luis de la Fuente He was in the study of ‘El Larguero’ of Cadena SER to review the current events of the National and International Selection and football.

Shield / Flag Spain

Selection: “The Absolute? Of course I would consider taking it.”

Luis Enrique: “He is a quarry coach: he looks to the base to supply the teams. The good footballer has no age, neither below nor above.”

Ramos: “Taking Ramos to the Olympics? No, I didn’t think about it. It’s understandable: I had nine players out of age. We could only choose three.”

Nico Gonzalez: “He is an amazing player. When you see hundreds of footballers, sometimes one catches your attention. It is a sixth sense. You can notice a fatigue, but a player who plays with 17 years 50 games, is that he is gifted. They are exceptional. They are natural processes: there are footballers who climb stairs three at a time “.

Ilaix elige a Guinea: “I didn’t understand Ilaix Moriba. I think the best option these guys have is to play for the Spanish National Team.”

LaLiga: “The Real Sociedad does not deceive, it is seen. It is a club that has a coach, Imanol, who believes in the quarry”.

Quarry: “There are coaches who are firmly committed to the quarry. That is happening.”

Eric García: “His time will come. In certain positions we look for a type of footballer: he does not have the size of others but he offers you other things.”

Sub-21: “Right now I feel valued. When that is not the case, I will rethink other things. I have learned to be a short-term player in football. My goal is to classify the national team for the European championship again. Later? No I know”.

Young players: “In terms of maturity, this generation of footballers is ahead”.

Pressure: “Parents must be very careful. Sometimes we do them a disservice by putting pressure on them. They already have enough to put more pressure on them at home.”