If it was about giving hope to the Barça fans for Depay, Frenkie de Jong has not been too effusive either. “We will see what happens. Yes, we have talked about Barça, but logically it is something that he has to decide,” he said at the concentration of the Netherlands team, which is preparing its debut against Ukraine this Sunday.

Depay's future is still up in the air. Barça wanted to officially announce their signing this week but, as with Wijnaldum, other clubs such as Juventus have entered the bidding and have put the operation in jeopardy. Koeman and De Jong do their best, but Barça maintains the Cruyff philosophy. “If you doubt, you are no longer valid.” So he will not raise the offer to the player, at most he will extend it from three to four years. And, if he does not pay him more, Laporta will fail again as he did with Wijnaldum and Depay did not wear a blaugrana.