Frenkie de Jong assured that he feels much more comfortable on the field since Ronald Koeman decided to free him from defensive positions and freed him to go up to attack.


Question. Does the game come at its best and that of the team?

Reply. We are good, me too. We are improving as a team.

Is De Jong the best since he came to Barcelona?

I feel very good.

What did Koeman ask you to see this change?

I am playing a bit more different in these last games. I play later, more attacking and I feel more comfortable.

Do you feel favorites in the Super Cup?

I don't know if we are favorites, but it is clear that when Barcelona plays a competition they always come out among the favorites.

Can Messi be convinced to stay playing like this?

It is not a question for me, but for Messi.

What are the keys to improvement in the team?

We play more fluidly and we are gaining in confidence.

What worries you the most about Real Sociedad?

They are a very good team, they play well from behind, it will be a very tough game, but we have to reach the end.

How about Pedri?

He has a lot of talent, a lot of quality. Is a crack.

Where was the turning point for the coming together of this team?

We are always united, but it is true that in 2021 we are better.


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