For Kevin de Bruyne (29 years old) tomorrow (8:45 pm) is not just any game. For what is at stake, the possible classification for the final phase of the League of Nations, of course, but also by the rival, a England full of teammates or rivals in the Premier … and that it rallied in October against a Belgium plagued by casualties. That afternoon, as the City star recognized at a press conference this Saturday, he forced to play and ended up more injured.

Coat of Arms / Flag Belgium

Analysis: “We lost at Wembley and now we have to play very well to get the three points. We have two games left, so we have to wait and see what happens. We have to show that we are better and hopefully we transform the good game into results.”

His change in the second half at Wembley: “It was not my best decision to start while being touched.”

Guardiola's reaction when he learned that he played like this: “I had a test two days before the game, but we couldn't really see what he had. The results said he could be fine, but two days after the game it was seen that he was injured. It was very decisive, it was not clear enough to know what he had “.

League of Nations: “It is very motivating to win it, but there are many games before the final phase, so it is not easy to look at that, which will be in October.”

If you've talked to your City teammates: “You don't talk about it much, sometimes you give your opinion and you talk about who did well or not. But not much.”

Hazard's low: “It's a shame he's not here. He's had a bad year … He was coming back and having the virus is a shame because he was coming back well. I also have to say it's something we have to deal with. Someone will do their job. Hopefully he will return soon and well. He had a difficult year due to injuries, but I have no doubt that he will return well. “

Many casualties from England: “Without Rashford, for example, you put Raheem (Sterling) and it's quality for quality. I like to play against the best, so I don't like injuries, but they are also part of football. Tomorrow they will put an eleven strong enough” .

Walker, for the injured Arnold: “He never gets injured, he plays everything, he's reliable, he's a great defender, the job he does is great … Arnold is more offensive.”


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