‘DAZN’ celebrates that its channel ‘DAZN UWCL’ has provided “a significant boost” in all women’s sports


‘DAZN’, the global sports streaming platform, celebrates that its channel ‘DAZN UWCL’ has provided “a significant boost, not only in the main UEFA women’s football competition, but also in the rest of the ecosystem” , according to the report ‘Value and Impact Report’, prepared by ‘Crux Sports’.

As indicated by ‘DAZN’, this channel is already the largest dedicated to women’s sports on ‘YouTube’, it has more than 621,000 subscribers and more than 1,700 published videos, totaling close to 100 million views since its creation.

In the ‘Value and Impact Report’ it is shown that the collaboration between ‘DAZN’ and ‘YouTube’ for the promotion and development of the Women’s Champions League has had “a tangible and lasting impact that sustains the growth and continued success of the competition, the participating clubs and the players”. It also notes in general terms that women’s football is becoming “an attractive and sustainable proposal from both a sporting and a commercial point of view”.

Thus, among the main data, it stands out that 86 percent of the team spokespersons have perceived a direct positive impact on their fan base thanks to the YouTube channel, that 77 percent of the clubs have perceived a positive impact of the channel in the interest of sponsors or that 96 percent of fans consider that the 21/22 season of the top women’s continental competition received more media attention than previous seasons

“‘DAZN’ is strongly committed to contributing to the growth of women’s football in our main markets, both in Europe and the rest of the world. Our partnership with ‘YouTube’ has been a great success, as this report demonstrates. Yes to the quality in the production of ‘DAZN’ we add the scope of ‘YouTube’ and the high level of competition from UEFA, the result is a winning formula”, said Veronica Diquattro, CEO of Global Markets of the sports streaming platform.

The board knew that “audiences were going to grow”, but admits the increase in commercial interest and sponsorship, attendance at matches and visibility in other media, gives them “even greater satisfaction”.

“We want to help women’s football develop its full potential, connecting with the public and raising its more than obvious commercial appeal to create a virtuous circle of greater investment, growth, level and general interest in the competitions,” he adds.

For her part, Alison Lomax, Managing Director of ‘YouTube’ in the United Kingdom and Ireland, believes that her platform “is the best destination for any type of sports fan.” “It gives fans what they want, when they want, whether it’s live broadcasts, game highlights, highlights through ‘Shorts’, podcasts or reports with players and athletes,” she said.

“Our vision for the world is that women’s and men’s sports are seen and perceived in an equal and equitable way, and the starting point is to create more demand and facilitate access to sports practiced by women. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with ‘ DAZN’ and ‘UWCL’ for the next two seasons, consolidating everything we’ve achieved over the past two years,” he remarked.