From November 25 to December 5 Madrid, Innsbruck (Austria) and Turin (Italy) will host a new edition of the Davis Cup Finals, with Spain among the classified teams. Below you can find the crossover calendar, their results and the composition of the knockout table of the Tennis World Cup:

Match schedule and results

The group stage will start on Thursday, November 25 and will last until the 28th. There are six groups of three teams each, and they are divided two by two between each of the three venues.

Thursday 25

16:00 | France-Czech Republic (Group C, Innsbruck)

16:00 | Canada-Sweden (Group B, Madrid)

16:00 | Croatia-Australia (Group D, Turin)

Friday 26th

16:00 | Serbia Austria (Group F, Innsbruck)

16:00 | Spain-Ecuador (Group A, Madrid)

16:00 | USA-Italy (Group E, Turin)

Saturday 27

10:00 | UK-France (Group C, Innsbruck)

10:00 | Kazakhstan-Sweden (Group B, Madrid)

10:00 | Australia-Hungary (Group D, Turin)

16:00 | Serbia-Germany (Group F, Innsbruck)

16:00 | Russia-Ecuador (Group A, Madrid)

16:00 | Italy-Colombia (Group E, Turin)

Sunday 28th

10:00 | Great Britain-Czech Republic (Group C, Innsbruck)

10:00 | Canada-Kazakhstan (Group B, Madrid)

10:00 | Croatia-Hungary (Group D, Turin)

16:00 | Germany-Austria (Group F, Innsbruck)

16:00 | Spain-Russia (Group A, Madrid)

16:00 | USA-Colombia (Group E, Turin)

Knockout table

The quarterfinals will take place from November 29 to December 2, one tie per day, the semifinals will be on December 3 and 4 and the grand final, on 5. Two quarters, including that of Spain if it arrives, the semifinals and the final will be played at the Madrid Arena.

Quarter finals

Monday 29

16:00 | Winner Group D-Winner Group E (Turin)

Tuesday 30

16:00 | Winner Group C-Winner Group F (Innsbruck)

Wednesday 1st

16:00 | Group B Winner-Best Second (Madrid)

Thursday 2nd

16:00 | Winner Group A-Best second (Madrid)

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