Davies: From selling sofas on Twitter to replacing Van Dijk

This last five years has spread to Ben Davies, the new Liverpool center-back. The Reds, in need of defensive reinforcements due to Van Dijk's injury, focused on the defender of the Preston North End, who will make the step from the Championship to the champion of England.

Davies is not a product of the great academies of the British country and arrive at facilities like Northwood (despite the overall high standard in the UK in this regard) it will be quite a leap. The one from Barrow-in-Furness started his career at Furness Rovers, jumped to the Preston North End quarry and, from there, accumulated experiences in English 'infra-football' until settling in the first white team.

Those years of transfers, away from the lights and the big stadiums, Davies had a much more everyday life than he will have from now on. In 2015, when he was on loan at Southport, he was just another Twitter user. Now, his move to Liverpool has brought one of his old tweets back to the front line. The central, at the time, had to spare his sofa and, neither short nor lazy, he offered it through Twitter to the highest bidder. Some 'diver' network of social networks found him when his signing was announced and put him, again, in the front line generating a sensation in social networks.

Emblem / Flag Liverpool F.C

After his signing for Liverpool, in the first interview with the club's media and after the corresponding questions about football, the club's press staff asked the question that so many fans wanted: What happened to the sofa?

“The sofa? What did I put on Twitter?”, Recognized the central between laughs. After recalling the episode, Davies acknowledged that he managed to sell it. “Was it me? Well, someone bought it. It was when I was playing for Southport. Someone wrote to me and came for it and took it for a good price,” he said. generating laughter among all present.

A daily anecdote magnified by his signing that is already worth the first 'nickname' on his arrival at Anfield, where he hopes to have to be little on his particular sofa, the bench.