The clouds returned to lend a hand on a second day of the Equelite Academy 25th Anniversary Tournament even hotter (37th) than the first. They made the afternoon bearable and the night even pleasant in Villena for the public that came, with their masks on and separation from an armchair, to watch the games.

In sports, Alex de Miñaur easily beat Joao Sousa (6-2 and 6-4), who after his second defeat was left with no options to reach the final in an event that is played in groups of three tennis players. The 31-year-old and 54th Portuguese of the world could not do anything before the push and excellent mobility on hard court of the young Australian of 21 and 26th of the ATP ranking. Sousa, very expressive and talkative on the court, ended the match visibly angry, it would seem that he was concerned with his game before the imminent restart of the circuit. De Miñaur's feelings were much better. This Saturday (19:00, Teledeporte) the pass to the final will be played with the new idol of the Juan Carlos Ferrero school, Carlos Alcaraz, in the David Ferrer group.

In which he is named after the owner of the facilities, Alejandro Davidovich revived after losing to Pablo Carreño on Thursday and beat another Equelite guest, Mario Vilella, 6-4, 7-5. The difference in ranking (the Malaga player is 97th and the Spaniard, 188th) was noted at key moments of the match, when Villela tried to come back after being left with a break in the second set. Davidovich squeezed, pulled power with the drive and also solved with some great drop. His presence in the title match depends on what Carreño does against Vilella. If the gijonés wins he will be the finalist. If not, it will be time to do the math.

Results, schedule and rankings

Alex de Miñaur (AUS) to Joao Sousa (POR) 6-2 and 6-4

Alejandro Davidovich (ESP) to Mario Vilella (ESP) 6-4 and 7-5

Saturday 1 (from 7:00 p.m.)

Alex de Miñaur (AUS) vs Carlos Alcaraz (ESP)

Pablo Carreño (ESP) vs Mario Vilella (ESP)

David Ferrer Group

Player V-D Sets Games

Alex de Miñaur 1-0 2-0 12-6

Carlos Alcaraz 1-0 2-1 13-15

Joao Sousa 0-2 1-4 21-25

Juan Carlos Ferrero Group

Player V-D Sets Games

Alejandro Davidovich 1-1 3-2 26-24

Pablo Carreño 1-0 2-1 15-13

Mario Vilella 0-1 0-2 9-13


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