From Fuengirola, where he lives alone in an apartment near the beach, Alejandro Davidovich Fokina (Rincón de la Victoria, 20 years old) participated this Friday in a new edition of Confined, a live chat on Instagram in which he spoke about his confinement, his tastes, his future and that of tennis, with the sympathy that characterizes him.

“I tried to keep my mind busy. I played as a gardener, I took more care of the cats, I cleaned the house thoroughly… when the landlord sees it, he won't know that it's his ”, gracefully features the 2017 Wimbledon Junior Champion and AS Promise Award, who last January won his first Grand Slam match in Australia. “I play FIFA a lot with my friends. I blew up a pissed off command for losing a game. I exercise in the morning and read a lot, something I didn't do before, “confesses the man from Malaga, who is eager to” take the racket “. “I have been without her for two months. I go to the beach with my coach and shade, but I don't play. It seems that on Monday we can, but we will have to see. Our club is in a hotel and we may have to look elsewhere. “

Alex's idea is to be able to compete in Spain and in that sense he revealed an initiative that Spanish players are planning: “We have a group from the top-100 and we try to organize a couple of tournaments with the Federation that we are going to call Artichoke Tour to keep us in rhythm and play around here, since we cannot travel outside the country. It will have a fun, team-based format to kill time, because I don't think the international circuit will return until next year. ” Still, it leaves open a door to hope: “Maybe the vaccine will come soon and you can play, but in such a global sport the situation would have to be normalized in all countries.” Regarding vaccination, Davidovich says: “If you pass the test and you have passed the COVID or you don't have it, I don't think you have to be vaccinated.”

Among the best memories of his still short career is the game that he beat Gael Monfils a year ago in Estoril (“It was incredible,” he says), and he would be especially excited to “beat Federer.” His goal this year was to “enter the top-50” and in the long term, “in the top ten.” Meanwhile, he cooks “croquettes that come out rich”, he is looking forward to seeing his mother and, like many people in isolation, he has “many nightmares”. Also a great dream: “To be a pro champion at Wimbledon.”

Other themes

Quarantine anecdote: “I was playing Parcheesi with my girlfriend and two friends and I lost; I deleted the application and left the group (laughs) ”.

Physical objective: “My challenge is to maintain weight. I know that by training I will return to my weight, but I do not want to go up much and I am trying to maintain myself. ”

Relationship with the family at a distance: “I would especially like to see my mother. That is the first thing I want to do. Then see my family and friends. Before I pick up a racket, I want to see them. It is true with my mother that I talk a lot from a distance. With so much travel it is difficult and I have a good relationship with her and we have been very in touch. ”

As you imagine the future: “We are not going to be this year like before. It will be something we have never experienced. Everything will open up a little, but it will be complicated. ”

Australian Open 2020: “I went the year before and lost, but later I qualified for the main draw. I knew he was a very aggressive and fast opponent, he had beaten me last year, but throughout the game he let me go. In the end I finished better physically and that was the key. Playing five sets is difficult at first, but that was the key there. ”

NextGen Finals Standards: “It is hard to change sets and advantages, but for example the hawk's eye I did like. The referee can fail and the machine cannot. Also, I think coaching doesn't hurt anyone. The worst thing is that there are no ball boys, because it doesn't give you time to recover and rest if you have to go for the ball ”.

Wimbledon 2017: “The day of the final was very fast, when I opened my eyes I was at the champions dinner. It was very exciting and I really enjoyed it. “

ATP Points: “The fair thing I think is to start in January again, to unfreeze it, because now it is very complicated since in tennis you always defend and in this way it is not possible.”

Your best match: “The victory against Monfils. I have always had him very high and winning that game was incredible. I was very excited and when he was rambling he was smiling because he didn't think I was playing against him. But once the game started, I changed the chip and put myself on top. Monfils is someone very electric, what he does with his flexibility and speed nobody on the circuit does. ”

Kyrgios: “He is on the track, but he is a good person. If he is involved in the game, he has a great level.”

Referrer: “Djokovic, I think he has done great things, also because of the competition with Nadal and Federer, although I think that playing I look more like Nalbandián.”

The hardest thing about being a tennis player: “Not having a life like the rest. It is contradictory, because I like what I do and I find it enjoyable, but you miss family and friends, whom I hardly see. The worst thing for me is not being able to stay at home as much as you want ”.

His worst hit during games: “I think I have a good serve, but in games I get nervous and I don't get it the same as in training.”


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