After the unpleasant scene that took place this Monday on the set of Save me con raquel bun screaming and out of his mind, David Valldeperas He has spoken at the start of the program this Tuesday and has apologized for what happened on behalf of all the workers of the format.

It must be remembered that this Monday she came as a guest Rocio Cortesdaughter of whipand made a series of statements and accusations that deeply outraged Bollo, who was in the vicinity of Mediaset for his participation in the debate on survivorswhere his children, Manuel and Alma, compete.

From the corridors, Raquel shouted inconsolably: “You defended Rocío Carrasco and I with three sentences in hand and you continue to mistreat me. That you do not let me close the chapter, you scoundrels. That’s enough.” And she added she, while bethlehem esteban He tried to reassure her without success: “I don’t care about Telecinco and its fucking mother.”

David Valldeperas’ statement

The director of the program has started the afternoon by grabbing the microphone and apologizing to his former collaborator for what happened: “Yesterday we experienced a situation on this set that needs an explanation. The participation of Raquel’s children in survivors It has generated statements from the Cortés family, friends and enemies”.

In this sense, the director added: “Yesterday we invited Rocío Cortés, daughter of Chiquetete and half-sister of two of the participants in the reality show, to talk exclusively about how Alma and Manuel are living the contest. We did not make the right decision. Maybe not We measured the risks that this guest could have on the set because it is clear that Rocío Cortes’ words went beyond the program that she came to comment on. We’re sorry, we were wrong yesterday.”

Raquel has a series of sentences that prove the mistreatment of Chiquetete, who died in 2018: “We want to make it clear that this program and its team will always be by the side of the victims of gender violence. Raquel Bollo was the victim of mistreatment by Chiquetete and, in that matter, he will always have us by his side. The team that makes this program supported, in its day and now, Raquel in this matter”.

Thus, he stressed the program’s support for victims of sexist violence: “Raquel was one of the fundamental collaborators in the development of Save me. Time and circumstances have contaminated our relationship. Today, there are many differences that separate us from her, but there is something in which we will always be by her side: the horror that she lived with Chiquetete. Raquel, in this cause, we will always be by your side. And I repeat: always by your side and by the side of all the victims of gender violence”, she has sentenced.

Raquel, for her part, in the debate on survivors He apologized to the channel for the manners, not to the program: “This afternoon I experienced a very unpleasant situation. After months of pressure, I have noticed that I have exploded in a bad way and I would like to apologize first of all to the viewers and for of course Telecinco, a chain that of course has given me good times and above all being able to have a job to be able to support my children. I’m very sorry for the ways.”

Raquel Bollo and Rocio Carrasco

Chiquetete was convicted of gender violence against his then wife, Raquel Bollo, to whom the arrival of Rocío Carrasco to the chain reopened all the wounds: “I don’t know if there was mistreatment or not. It’s her experience… I do! I have a sentence! I’m not going against Rocío, but if Olga Moreno was an accomplice, what was Carmen Gahona (the singer’s last partner) then? They hired her and put her in my place on that program! The people who today he wears the medal of going against ill-treatment, my directors have been and they have brought a lady against me”, he lamented in February 2022 in Live life.