David Summers, from Hombres G, has married his girlfriend, an American English teacher

Christine Cambeiro is married to David Summers. They have already signed the papers but next month they plan to celebrate it in style and they will surely do it with a lot of music from the Men G. “She is absolutely the woman of my life, because, apart from being so pretty and so good, she is a constant support and that makes me twice what I am,” says the singer of his wife.

The soloist of the legendary group Devuélveme a mi chica met his girl in New York, at the legendary Copacabana club. She was on tour with Hombres G and Christine went to the concert that day. After the show, they were introduced. They hit it off and he continued going to New York to perform. She saw him again: “We were just friends, until one day…”, explains the artist in Hola.

At 60 years old, David Summer marries again. It will be in July at her house in Madrid and, of course, with the G Men. The love story has been beautiful and ends in a wedding but it has not been easy: she lived in New York and he in Madrid. It’s been years since they met. Christine married a Spaniard and came to live in La Coruña. Theirs has been a slow-burning relationship. Years passed since they met by chance, after a concert, until, now, they have decided to get married. Today they cannot live without each other.

Fan of Men G?

“I’m American. The first time I saw the group perform in New York was because I have a friend who was and is a fan of them and she told me: ‘Let’s go see them,'” explains David Summers’ wife in the weekly. “The first time I came to Spain was in 1988 and I was… eight years old.” Ella Suffers Mammon is from 1985 and she barely spoke Spanish. For David, the story is explained like this: “I would never have interacted with a fan. Not for anything, but because it would have been very disappointing for her to realize that, later, when you get off the stage, you are a normal and ordinary person.” and that you just sing songs. I love Chris because I wasn’t a fan. She was a girl who came to that concert because one of her friends took her,” says the singer, who turned 60 months ago, 17 older than his wife. “I’m 60 years old, I’m crazy about her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” he says. “We bought a house with the intention of being together forever. I want her to be my wife, my partner. She loves me, she loves my children, she takes care of me and my family,” he concludes.

The bride says that her wedding party will have a nod to her New York roots and will feature Frank Sinatra: “We’re even going to have a Big Band,” she says in the publication to which they have given the exclusive. The bride’s entire family will come from the United States.

The leader of Men G He was married for more than 26 years to his high school sweetheart. They separated six years ago and since 2018 he has been with Christine Cambeiro, a young English teacher. He was born in the traditional Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí, but he would soon move with his parents to Parque de las Avenidas, something that did not prevent him from rubbing shoulders with Madrid’s high society. He studied in El Pilar, where José María Aznar and Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba were also enrolled (years before).

His interest in music came when he was just a child. He defended himself with clarinet, guitar and basswithout knowing that he would end up forming a music band with his childhood friend and wife. Javi Molina y David Summers They met when they were only five years old in Chamberí and since then they have been inseparable.

Next to Rafa Gutierrez y Daniel Mezquita, Molina and Summers conquered the national public with songs as popular as Give Me Back to My Girl, Marta Has a Pacemaker or Attack of the Crocodile Girls. They were the mid-80s and while the Movida triumphed in Madrid, the polito boys and the sweater around their necks filled stadiums wherever they passed.

Marta Madruga, a high school love that lasted 26 years

David Summers y Marta Madruga They became practically inseparable since they fell in love. It was in 1987 during the filming of Sufre Mamón, a film directed by the filmmaker and father of the singer Manuel Summers. At that time Marta was seventeen years old and played Patty, a young woman who fell in love with Summers but abandoned him for a member of Yellow Fever. Marta and David already knew each other from school and They married in 1992 precisely in the chapel of the Pilar school, where they studied together.

26 years married and parents of two children

After 26 years married and having become parents of two children, they announced their separation in 2018. “It’s a very sad situation that comes from afar, from a deterioration four years ago,” the singer told Hola when rumors came to the fore about the emergence of a possible third person. “We made the decision to separate a year ago and that’s why it’s not true that there were third parties. I met Christine later and she had nothing to do with our decision to divorce,” he said about the woman who to this day remains His couple.

Lucía and Manuel, their two children

Lucía and Manuel, the only two children of the marriage, They were born in the year 2000. They are twins and both have grown up in a very stable family environment, since their parents’ divorce came when they were about to come of age. Now they have 24 years and although they are still the most important thing in their father’s life, they have already flown from the family nest, at least as far as professionally is concerned. Daniel has inherited his father’s talent for music and Lucía works as a veterinarian.

Father and son spent confinement together and there they began to work hand in hand. The young man has great talent for the guitar and has helped his father with the recording of some songs. In fact, he studied music production, has played in the group Las Abejas Rojas and has even recorded his first single, Estrella. His father’s Instagram is full of videos of them playing together.

Lucía works as vet. She specializes in domestic, exotic and equestrian animals, but the young woman also has a piercing and tattoo studio in Madrid called Clear Amethyst Piercing.

It was in January of this year when David Summers worried his family and his followers following his hospitalization for a “very screwed” peritonitis. The singer used his social networks to thank the health workers who had treated him, trying to make light of the matter, but his son Daniel had a really bad time.

What would I do without him, who has given me everything and has been helping and caring for me all my life? It would be a huge injustice. One of the worst things that could happen to me if he is not with me. I would die of grief. He gave me a huge scare“, said the young man. “If you were scared, imagine me, being his son, who has taken care of him and been with him all my life. Once again, I thank you for your love and support,” he concluded.

Peritonitis is an inflammation of the peritoneum, one of the walls that cover the walls and internal organs of the abdomen. Luckily, the singer was discharged a few days later.

Shortly after learning of his divorce with Marta Madruga, the singer’s relationship with a young woman named Christine Cambeiro. She works as an English teacher and Summers, who did not hesitate to dedicate the lyrics of one of her songs to her on her last birthday. She is now her wife.