“The way is union; we are not going to allow players and their unions to continue to be abused”


The president of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), David Aganzo, has been elected president of FIFPro (International Federation of Professional Footballers) during the General Assembly of the union, which is held from this Tuesday until Thursday in Paris and in the that it has warned that it does not intend to “allow the players and their unions to continue to be abused.”

During the Assembly – made up of 70 member associations – the FIFPro Executive Committee, of which he has been a part in recent times, proposed Aganzo as a candidate to replace Frenchman Philippe Piat, who is leaving the post after two four-year terms. .

Those present have voted favorably for the candidacy of the Spanish leader, who will hold the presidency for the next four years, being the youngest president in history to access the post (40 years).

In his first speech as president, Aganzo affirmed that he assumes the position “with enthusiasm and with great responsibility.” “The path of union is the one that all associations must follow. Only together and united, with a single voice, will we achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Only united will we achieve that the figure of the footballer is respected in the world as it deserves and that Let our voice be heard with the importance given to soccer players to be the most important actor in soccer, that sport that we love so much, “he said.

The former soccer player from Madrid recalled that all his predecessors, “with dedication and effort”, have “strengthened the figure of the footballer over time.” “My deepest respect to Philippe Piat, a good friend and leader who in recent years has given FIFPro an important boost,” he stressed.

“In this first speech I also want to have words of memory for Gerardo González Movilla. A historical president of the Association of Spanish Footballers who also came to preside over the international union. A leader who marked an era in Spain and whose legacy I will keep very present during my tenure at FIFPro, “he said.

On the other hand, Aganzo stressed that football “evolves constantly” and that therefore FIFPro must “grow and evolve, modernize at all levels”, always trying to “keep its values ​​intact”. “Moving forward does not mean giving up our past, much less forgetting our history. The success of any organization is based on the combination of experience with adaptation to new times,” he said.

“FIFPro must evolve and grow in this sense. The generational change has already begun with the appointment of a new general secretary and now I assume the role that corresponds to me as the new president with the idea that this organization prepares itself to face a future in which the group we represent is undoubtedly the epicenter of the world of football, “he continued.

Finally, he left a clear message. “From FIFPro we are not going to allow players and their unions to continue to be abused. In the past we have always been respectful and even too understanding with some situations. We will continue to be so, but make no mistake, I believe that the time has come to act so that our independence is stronger than ever, so that the rights of all footballers are respected, “he concluded.