24 million through, Benfica obtained the services of Darwin Núñez in what has been the most expensive sale in the history of the Second Division. Almería thus lost their most valuable player, who was going to one of the greats of Portugal with the aim of showing that they were prepared for such a qualitative leap. Five games later, it has already made room, Nevertheless. While the Andalusian club is studying how to make up for its departure without losing promotion options, the Uruguayan 'devil' is already showing all his self-confidence on the pitch in the neighboring country. His hat-trick, against Lech in the Europa League and as a visitor, has ended up making his fans fall in love. Aim for success to remember.

He made his debut against PAOK in the Champions League. Not in eleven, as he was almost a newcomer. He played 25 minutes in the second half and could not work the comeback for his own. Falling out of the Champions League was the first blow. However, he amended it before Famalicao as a starter. In the victory by a goal to five, the attacker gave two assists although the goal was resisted. Before the Moreirense confirmed sensations. They won theirs 2-0, thanks in part to giving Seferovic the second goal of the afternoon. In front of the Farense and the River Ave was also the game. In his league, he has not yet scored, but has assisted in every game.

Of course, he is not yet adapted to one hundred percent or, at least, that is what his coach considers. Jorge Jesus He spoke openly about his conditions and his football so far. “Do not forget that he is a boy, he is 21 years old, there are many aspects of the game that he still does not know. He will learn with me and with Benfica. It was the most expensive purchase of the club, but if there is no pandemic it will be the most expensive sale. He will be a world-class player. I'll lose it in no time“.

In fact, before his hat-trick, Jorge Jesús gave another version of his situation. “He could have scored a goal, but he gave another layup assist to a teammate. He is still a fish out of water, when he has a ball he knows what to do, but when he does not have it, he does not know“, explained in his day in a press appearance the technician.

Growth margin

Last summer, Almería made a considerable investment to qualify for the silver category, incorporating a young talent from Peñarol for seven million euros. Unlike other of his movements, with a performance below expectations, the Uruguayan scored 16 goals, put on the hero's cape, grew as the weeks went by and was the great protagonist of Almeria's success. Finally, the promotion was not achieved. Who knows if he would be playing at the moment in LaLiga Santander if the Playoff had brought other results.

Even so, Benfica, who were following him closely, had no doubts in betting on his talent. Jorge Jesús himself considers that his career has no ceiling and that the investment has been worth it: “I am sure that we have succeeded with the player. He is 21 years old and has a great margin of growth. For him it is a new world, but he has all the conditions to succeed “.

He has won over the fans

Although Jorge Jesús prefers to be cautious and speak of Darwin as a promise and not as a reality, some fans cannot bear the expectation and rave about the level that the former Almería player has shown so far. “Has the will to speak of the bad. That he has not marked is not synonymous with that he has not done it well. The quality is there“says a fan about his performance in the league championship.” Excellent player “,” it will end up being cheap “,”I doubt we can keep it here more years“or” this child was a great investment “are some of the most repeated comments by Benfica fans.

Darwin, of course, continues to be out of focus and focused on the day to day. He has already shown in Almería that responsibility does not weigh on his back and does not change his attitude when he hears comparisons with Cavani or Luis Suárez. He is a voracious forward to the spaces, where he exploits his maximum potential. He is also quick and intelligent tactically, although he still has, according to his coach, some time to explore Benfica's schemes. With Uruguayan character as a flag, he is a worker in pressure and does not save on effort. Currently, only Pinho del Marítimo has participated in as many goals as he (5), although in his case they have been converted by him and not assisted as happens to the protagonist of these lines.

The shadow of RDT

Darwin Núñez begins his stage in Lisbon with an inevitable name behind his shadow: Raúl de Tomás. Last season, Benfica trusted their attack on a man who had shone in Spain and spent a figure close to 20 million euros on him. Six months later and without having had hardly any prominence, he left for Espanyol. At least the Portuguese club managed to recoup the investment. He barely counted on him, playing only seven Liga NOS games without celebrating any goal. Yes he did it in the Allianz Cup, the Taça de Portugal or the Champions League. His figures were poor and he left the club without leaving a mark.

The Uruguayan responds to exactly the same profile, despite being different footballers. Only time will tell if his career at Benfica evolves in the same way. His youth is an endorsement, but also a handicap. At least, money will no longer be a recurring message in low hours. With the sale of Rubén Días to Manchester City, the Lisbon entity has already more than recovered the investment of the Second Galactic that already falls in love with Portugal. For the moment, yes, it has already statistically surpassed RDT and its ceiling seems to have no limits. The Second Division, of course, exports talent.


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