The son of Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchalo He continues to be held in Koh Samui prison since he confessed on August 7 to the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta. In the almost two months that he has been imprisoned, he has already received visits from his two parents, always separated by a glass and by telephone communication. In the next few days, many of the inmates will be able to enjoy a ‘vis-a-vis’ with their families, the only one allowed per year, but Daniel has not officially requested it.

It is a favor or a ‘grace’ granted to those exemplary prisoners, a way of rewarding their good behavior. However, they are the ones who must request this family meeting and, according to ABC, Daniel Sancho he hasn’t done it. The meeting between prisoners and family members will take place on September 30, so the deadline to request and organize it has already passed.

The reasons why the young man did not want to request this family meeting are unknown, but it has emerged that he is completely dedicated to studying his case, now that he has all the official information about it: “He spends hours studying his defense,” The prison director himself revealed a few days ago. He also confessed then that “Daniel gets very stressed when he receives a visit from his mother.” And he added: “With his father he is much calmer.”

Both Rodolfo Sancho and the legal team that protects his son in Spain are working to find a Thai lawyer to represent Daniel in the legal process after the dismissal of Kunh Anan: “At the current procedural moment, it is not mandatory for Daniel to have legal assistance in Thailand. So, what is being done is to look for the legal team that will take charge of the case in that country and Daniel will have the last word,” they say in the aforementioned media.