They say that Daniel Sancho He had wedding plans with his girlfriend Laura before allegedly murdering and dismembering the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta But the truth is that the son of Rodolfo Sancho He had broken up with her and had even started a relationship with another young woman named Alba.

The grandson of Sancho Grace He spent a few days in Ibiza and Formentera with a group of friends and there he met Alba, as confirmed to Informalia from the surroundings of the Spaniard detained in Thailand since the beginning of August.

The son of actor Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo admitted responsibility for the murder of Edwin Arrieta, according to Thai police. The investigators leaked to the media that Daniel was expecting a visit from a friend and that he was going to marry another person in Indonesia, and that this was the reason that could have precipitated the argument with Edwin Arrieta and, ultimately, the death of the Colombian surgeon. But they did not say that they were referring to Laura, as some media outlets have assumed.

“Sancho told investigators that he had a fight with Arrieta after he asked him to break up because he was going to marry someone else,” says police captain Sucheep Chadakarn. “He said that if the conversation didn’t go well he thought he was going to have to kill him because he had a partner waiting for him to marry.” But no one named Laura. Daniel Sancho told Edwin Arrieta that he was going to get married and that that would be the reason why he wanted to break up the relationship, but he may not have been telling her the truth.

Sancho explained that he had a girlfriend and many thought he was referring to Laura, the person with whom he shared a relationship of almost five years, but with whom he had broken up weeks before the crime. It was she who ended the relationship, although they remained friends.

Now we know that not only had she left him with her but that he was starting another relationship with Alba, a young woman with whom he met in Ibiza and Formentera at the end of July, before traveling to Thailand. It was also said that Laura was going to travel to Thailand but this was denied by those around Daniel’s ex, as were the supposed wedding plans. At least, they deny that she was Laura. It is not ruled out that before the murder Alba was the person who had planned to meet Daniel again there after meeting the chef in Formentera and Ibiza, where Rodolfo Sancho’s son went with a group of friends before embarking on a trip to Thailand. supposedly to perfect his level of Muay Thai.

It was also reported last week that Laura had remained confined in a house that her family has in Navacerrada and that the young woman, 28 years old, did not leave the house and even teleworked to avoid being located. But the day after leaving the supposed news remains, Laura went out in Madrid with a group of friends to a music festival, as we published on this portal.

Laura’s entourage denied that she was locked up in the mountains and explained that Daniel’s ex is in Navacerrada as well as in the capital, where she resides with her mother. in the Paseo de la Habana area, very close to one of the family business’s dealerships. On Friday, Laura went to see Vetusta Morla and other groups at the El Jardín de las Delicias festival, in Ciudad Universitaria. But she had gone out to lunch and dinner in Madrid in recent weeks, although it is true that she was also in Navacerrada. She goes out and makes plans. We already announced weeks ago that she works in the luxury car sales sector and other issues related to her, as well as clarifying certain inaccuracies that were being spread, such as Laura’s supposed friendship with Froián.

The proof that Laura is not confined or hidden is that we found her in the capital, at a massive event, with a group of friends. Daniel Sancho’s ex attended the music festival The Garden of Delights, where he thoroughly enjoyed the performances of Old Morla o Damn me, among other groups. Laura stayed until early morning.

Laura had a great time, according to the attitude she maintained, talking to the people who accompanied her, smiling, dancing to the songs, with her drink (paper cup), in white, with a long gold chain, and a bomber jacket. also white, very fashionable, and some light blue jeans. Of course, almost all the time, even when it became night, she kept her sunglasses on, which she only kept on rare occasions in the red bag she carried.

The Thai police commander involved in the Daniel Sancho case is being investigated for alleged corruption

This Monday we learned that the Thai authorities have searched the home of the ‘number two’ of the National Police, Surachate Hakparn, known by the alias ‘Big Joke’, responsible for the investigation into the alleged murder committed by Daniel Sancho.

The operation is part of a raid launched by the Cybercrime Investigation Office and in which other police units have also participated, including the anti-corruption division. In total, around thirty homes have been registered in Bangkok and five other provinces within what has been dubbed ‘The Great Cleanup Day’.

Specifically, authorities are examining an alleged bribery scheme involving gambling websites – gambling is prohibited in Thailand – with their sights set on several junior officers in Surachate. ‘Big Joke’ himself has acknowledged after the search that there are suspicions about people in his charge, but he has expressed confidence in the innocence of all of them.

The general has stressed that he has never received any money from these types of pages and that his work within the Police has consisted precisely of working to eradicate them, according to the ‘Bangkok Post’ newspaper.

Surachate is one of the four deputy chiefs of the Police, which makes him a potential replacement for the current head, Damrongsak Kittiprapas, once he retires at the end of this month. However, ‘Big Joke’ has ruled out that he has the succession in mind and has promised to return to work after the registration, ensuring that no evidence of anything illegal has been found.

Surachate has also been one of the main police faces in the investigations relating to Daniel Sancho, arrested for the dismemberment of Colombian citizen Edwin Arrieta on the island of Phangan last August. In fact, it was he who gave a press conference to the media to confirm the end of the investigations and announce that they would request the death penalty against Sancho.