The striker of the Spanish team Dani Olmo was “very happy” with the debut in the World Cup in Qatar, “a great game” against Costa Rica (7-0) where they controlled the rival from start to finish, knowing that this is only the beginning of the path.

“We have had a great game from the first minute. We were clear that it was not going to be easy until we scored the first goal. The chances have come, we have opened the game and the team has been incredible. We are very happy,” he said in statements to TVE , collected by Europa Press.

Olmo, with great definition, was the one who opened the scoring after 10 minutes, a start that helped them dominate the game calmly. “The key was to control the game from the beginning. The weather, the heat, affected them, they were tired,” he said.

“There is still a long way to go. We are very happy for this big and good debut, and now, to think about Germany. We have to face the game against Germany as a final, because they are risking everything. We also want to win to be more close to passing,” he added.