In these days of confinement and confinement, the potters do not stop talking and thinking about soccer. The Club celebrates a decade in the silver category of Spanish football. For each position the yellow set asks who the potters consider to be the best. Alcorcón have been a team of great goalkeepers and this Saturday they asked precisely about the best goalkeeper of AD Alcorcón in the Second Division. The winner has been the current keeper, Dani Jiménez. The goalkeeper celebrates his 5th season in the pottery framework, has played 65 matches and has conceded 74 goals.

Alcorcón Shield / Flag

Among those voted are also Dani Giménez goalkeeper for Deportivo de la Coruña, Manu Herrera currently at AT Baleares, Dmitrovic who now plays for Eibar and Juanma the goalkeeper who defended the Alcorcón framework for promotion to the Second Division.


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