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Dani Alves stokes Bolsonaro

Gabby Barker



The Brazilian Dani Alves (36 years old) never bites her tongue, and the latest events in her country in relation to the coronavirus crisis have been no exception. The former player of Barca, currently in the ranks of the Sao Paulo , used social networks to stoke this Wednesday to Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil whose prevention policy against the spread of COVID-19 has been stirring up great controversy for days.

“The president is looking at the side of people like me, father of the family, self-employed, without any comfort, without income at the end of the month, without reservations to stand still for so long. Before criticizing try to side with the most hulmides, “wrote one user defended Bolsonaro. Y Dani Alves He replied: “Then, he should take care of you in this difficult period before going to the streets. He should help you for as long as you are standing. For and that's why we're supposed to pay taxes, right? More important than money is health and if you don't have health you have nothing ”. And in just a few hours his tweet accumulated thousands of ‘RTs’ and ‘likes’.

Bolsonaro he practically scoffed at the coronavirus a few days ago, downplaying the pandemic and calling the virus a “flu”. In addition, he pointed out to the press as guilty of making the population's concern grow unjustifiably. But the cases of those affected, as in much of the rest of the world, do not stop growing in Brazil.

Dani Alves, wearing the Sao Paulo shirt
Dani Alves, wearing the Sao Paulo shirt

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