Dani Alves showed, from the first day he stepped foot in the Ciutat Esportiva, that the club has hit one hundred percent in his bet. And is that the Brazilian full back not only comes to put talent and quality on the right back, but also to print a winning character and an optimistic mentality to a dressing room that is not exactly going through its best moment.

Alves' photo

And, as proof, a button. Alves made, before starting the afternoon training and in the same dressing room, a heartfelt and emotional speech, where he wanted to make it clear how lucky they are to be at FC Barcelona, ​​also underlining that there is still time to do something great this season.

This is the full speech of Alves issued by the official channels of the club: “A pleasure to be here. After so much time away, to come back here is an honor for me. To share it with you too. We come here to learn from you too. But you can also learn things from the old man. Know what this club represents and this T-shirt, I who have been away for several years, I have discovered that here is the best place to do great things, to live. You who are here must value it because there is nothing better outside than here. It is a pleasure to be with you here We are going to do great things because this club is made for that, to do great things. “

Shield / Flag Barcelona

His teammates received the speech of the Brazilian international with a general applause, which was responded with evident gestures of gratitude on the part of Alves, a player who has already begun to rebuild the team’s battered identity to transform it into a champion locker room.