The Brazilian has written a letter in his own handwriting to his wife, Joana Sanzwho a few days ago confirmed the separation from her husband after his admission to prison last February, accused of an alleged crime of sexual assault on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. Dani Alves He divides his letter into two parts: a declaration of love for the Canarian model and a declaration of innocence.

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“My dear Joana, there were almost eight years of much love, affection and mutual respect. By your side everything seems better, we have grown since the day we met and we have accompanied each other over the years, strengthening each other and pampering each other’s lives,” he begins. Alves writing. “I regret your decision in these hard times and I hope that life gives us another chance to love each other again.”

The footballer continued: “I understand the pain that the unfair situation we are experiencing is causing and I understand that you cannot bear this pressure,” laments the Brazilian. “The facts of which I am accused are alien to me and the values ​​that have guided my life are love and respect,” he assures, once again defending his innocence. “I will fight until the end with the unconditional love of my children, my parents and those who are still by my side.”