Dani Alves has been arrested this Friday in Barcelona for a alleged sexual assault on a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona. After the alleged victim’s statement, the Prosecutor’s Office requested that the Brazilian soccer player be remanded into pretrial detention without bail.

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24 hours have passed and the former Pumas de México player, who terminated his contract after the scandal came to light, is “completely devastated” inside the cell. “He is out of place because he did not expect it. It is not understood that he arrived at the prison with what he was wearing and without a phone. He is crestfallen, shy, not very talkative but very respectful with the officials. He did not want to eat dinner, he only ate a little fruit, ” says the journalist Mayka Navarro.

“They told him that he had the right to a call and he did not want to make it because no number was known. He is very helpless because he did not expect to go to prison at all. It is strange that his lawyer is not one of the best criminal law firms in Barcelona,” Navarro added. in Fiesta.

This Saturday, the former Futbol Club Barcelona player underwent a medical check-up and throughout the day received visits from relatives, prison educators, and a psychologist, as established by the Brians I center protocol, and how to collect The Newspaper of Spain. The professionals at the penitentiary center will decide in which module to place you after the recognition. Brians is far from the luxury that exists in the life of a recognized footballer, there is no catering contract and the hot water does not work properly in the showers, explains the aforementioned media.

for his wife, Joana SanzIt is not being an easy moment either. Through her social networks, the Canarian model asked for “privacy at this time. My mother has passed away a week ago. I have barely begun to assume that she is no longer around to be tormented with my husband’s situation. I have lost my two only pillars of my life. Have a little empathy, instead of looking for so much news in the pain of others, thank you”.