Ney Alvesbrother of Dani Alves, imprisoned since this Friday in Barcelona accused of rape, defends his brother tooth and nail. Disregarding all the evidence and incidents that are known about the facts, Ney has affirmed that the footballer’s family trusts his innocence and believes that everything that happened is a montage: “My brother fell into a trap. My family is not going to give up. My brother has an unblemished career all over the world and this mess he’s been put in is sinking his career.”

Ney has spoken from Brazil to defend his brother and has ensured that both he and his parents are looking forward to traveling to Spain to accompany the footballer in these hard times.

According to his statements for the Antena 3 program Public mirror“We will definitely do everything we can to get my brother out of this diabolical demonic scheme that you put him in. We are suffering a lot with all this, we are in a game of chess. I see questionable things that are not being done well. My parents and I want to travel to Spain”.

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The arrival of the family of the former Barça player has not yet occurred because Alves’ father is awaiting emergency surgery and at this time they cannot consider a trip.

This defense of his family occurs when the Brazilian athlete has already spent his fifth night in the Brians 2 prison after the judge ordered preventive detention after being accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona night of December 30.

In the complaint, the woman states that Alves forced her, forced her to perform fellatio, beat her and raped her against the bathroom sink in the VIP area of ​​the nightclub. In addition to evidence such as the images collected by the local security cameras, the testimonies of the young woman’s friends, the nightclub employees who treated her and the medical tests carried out on the victim that same night in a hospital, the Mossos d’Esquadra found traces of semen in the bathroom where the rape supposedly took place.

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The judge could request this Wednesday to compare that sample with the player’s DNA. Meanwhile, the strengthened defense of Alves, who has hired the penalty shooter Christopher Martellalso a lawyer Messi and the hill, could present passport withdrawal, 24-hour geolocation and a million-dollar bail to get the footballer out of provisional prison. That is precisely the priority for the player’s family; that he can get out of prison as soon as possible.