The CEO of Bankinter, María Dolores Dancausa, earned 1.41 million euros last year, 4.9% more than in 2018, as stated in the remuneration report of the board of directors that the entity has submitted to the Commission National Stock Market (CNMV).

It should be remembered that in this same report of 2018, the salary that was reflected from the CEO was 3.3 million, however, it was because the entity had to indicate the entire variable salary that did not charge said year, but That was payable to five years. Without this distortion, Dancausa's salary in 2018 was 1.36 million euros.

Of the total of 1.41 million received in 2019; The fixed salary was 897,784 euros, the variable was 213,817 and the rest corresponded to allowances for membership of the board of directors and other items.

The Board of Directors earned 4.6 million euros in 2019

The vice president of the entity, in this case represented by the Cartival company, owned by former Bankinter president, Jaime Botín, and his children, won in 2019 a total of 1.31 million euros, compared to 1.02 million that received a year before

For his part, the president of the bank, on a non-executive basis, received a compensation last year 960,000 euros between fixed salary and allowances, 1.69% more than in the previous year.

In total, the Board of Directors of Bankinter, composed of a total of 12 members, earned 4.6 million euros, compared to 4.3 million a year earlier, that is, the remuneration rose 7%.

Bankinter will propose to the general meeting of shareholders to be held on March 20 the reduction of the number of independent members of its management body, so that instead of seven it will have six. During 2020, Gonzalo de la Hoz Lizcano and Jaime Terceiro Lomba (president of Caja Madrid between 1988 and 1996) will serve twelve years as independent directors.

As the entity's own regulations do not set any specific limit, the maximum set by the regulations will have to be accepted, so they will be forced to lose this rating. Bankinter has decided to fill only one vacancy with Fernando Francés Pons, founder of the Everis consulting firm that he chaired until March 2018.