Dam: “Advíncula is an important player and we are counting on him”

The name of Luis Advíncula is one of the most repeated every time the transfer market opens. The Peruvian international has a great poster and there is always a team that follows the track. Hence, the president of Rayo, Raúl Martín Presa, would like to make it clear what the future of the right-back is. “For us he is a very important player when it comes to achieving our goals and that's why we signed you. That is our intention with him this year. It has to help us a lot. It is fully integrated and we have it“, he confessed in an interview with the Peruvian radio program 'The voices of football'.

Presa did not want to reveal the market value of the defender because it does not contemplate the option of leaving. “We have offers for practically all the players, but our idea with Advíncula and the rest is to keep the template“He confirmed. In addition, the franjirrojo president made a fierce defense of the player for his mistake in the game against Las Palmas – he committed a penalty that led to a draw in the last minutes – which complicated the achievement of the playoffs.”If Rayo failed to get into the playoffs, it is because he was not worthy of doing so. Advíncula is no more to blame than any other team member“, he sentenced.

Lightning Shield / Flag

The owner of the Madrid club also ruled on the possibility of the South American World Cup qualifiers being played in October. This would leave Rayo without the Peruvian international. “Our entity will respect the measure that is taken, but you have to be very careful. Any decision must protect health because health is above FIFA and everything. It could be done like the NBA, a bubble in another era (it could be in summer) and with another format. Also our Liga is doing an exemplary control. We would have to look for something similar to those models, “reflected Presa.