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Dakar riders send hundreds of motocross goggles to hospitals to fight coronavirus

Gabby Barker





Nani Roma or Laia Sanz continue an initiative to provide health personnel with material to protect against the virus

Laia Sanz shows the donated glasses.

The chain started with a conversation between friends. Jos Antonio Butrn, 13-time champion of Spain in motocross, received a call from a friend of his, a doctor at a hospital in the province of Cdiz, with a request: “Can you leave me one of your glasses, those big ones you use so that they don't the earth jump into your eyes? ” And there the pilot discovered that he could help fight the coronavirus. Instead of handing out glasses, he handed over a score and via Instagram encouraged all his friends and followers to do the same. “Why the queries now stored at home?” Asked a two-time Dakar rally champion, Nani Roma.

As soon as he saw the tweet, Rome brought his dozens of motocross goggles to the Vic health center and to a residence in Prat del Lluans, the town closest to his mass, and he went further: also through social networks he began to coordinate a relief movement of all interested pilots. “I just want to give back a little bit of everything the toilets are doing for us. They are on the front line with their chests exposed and that makes me very angry. Our help is very small compared to everything they are doing for us,” declares Rome, who invited other pilots known as Laia Sanz or the Mrquez brothers to the campaign.

Quickly replied Sanz, who collected dozens of glasses, involved his sponsor, 100percent, and continued the chain. “The health personnel are working without material, especially in the residences and in the primary care centers, and that is why the initiative by Butrn and Nani Roma seemed a great idea. Surely they are not the approved glasses, but they will be better than nothing. I hope that all those who ride motorcycles will be encouraged to send material to health personnel, “says Sanz, who details the requests received from the recipients of the glasses: before taking them to health centers, donors wash them in detail and put the transparent visor on.

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