Today is D-day. Atleti facing the origin of all their ills. Because yes: it all started two months and fifteen days ago, at Valencia-Atlético, with that extension that in four minutes he took two goals away from him and a victory that ended in a tie. The rojiblanco team has not gotten up. Two months and fifteen days later, he is still sunk in a crisis of results and deep identity. In the last week he said goodbye to two titles, the Super Cup and the Cup. And the worst is not that, the worst was how. Team without soul, weak, in the antipodes of what ten years has been the Atleti del Cholo (Follow today’s game directly on

Bordalás knows well, Bordalás mirrors himself. Their teams built with solidity by flag. Going forward in the Cup strengthens, like that point against Sevilla that brings him closer to the Champions League. It is 9th, four points behind 4th, Atleti. Today is also D-day, against the right opponent. He has never beaten Cholo. Among its ranks, the man who attracts many looks. It is Wass, the rojiblanco target in this market. The right back that Cholo lacks without Trippier. He overcame COVID, he worked with the group, yesterday the question was whether he will travel or not. And, if he does, if he will play or just be on the bench. If Atleti waits for him, Bordalás will let him out when he has a substitute, unlike Atleti, by the way, with the Englishman. Bordalás loses Gayà, important loss, recovers Soler, key. Guedes lives a great moment, the scale will allow Maxi to return, although he also wants to leave, like Wass.

Simeone and communion

Or stay, rather. In the Metropolitan. That stadium that yesterday Simeone asked for applause, not whistles. Savic will return to his eleven and only his name consoles. The head of the defense, that central defender who has such a hard time getting out of an injury but who, when he does, is steel. His return will not solve all evil. The weakness in the stopped ball, the trembling in a lateral center, that Oblak has already conceded 24 goals when last season it was 25. But calm down. Savic is not Felipe.

Suárez aims to start: Valencia was the last one to whom he scored in the League. At his side, perhaps, João, in the eleven the last days but without the blow on the table that is expected, for quality and price. Atleti will dress in red, following the tribute for the 75th anniversary of the name Atlético de Madrid. In another match to life or death. today for themselves. Cauterize once and for all that wound left by that hard draw at Mestalla, after which everything cracked.