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Cup: Athletic – Granada (1-0): Rui Silva frustrates Athletic and extends the semifinal | Copa del Rey 2019

Gabby Barker



Cup: Athletic – Granada (1-0)



The performance of their goalkeeper allows Granada to leave San Mams with a minimal disadvantage despite being clearly surpassed by Athletic. Muniain scores the only goal

Muniain scores the Athletic victory goal.

It was not easy to discern who had won the game and who had lost it. Some faces of Granada seemed even happier than those of Athletic at the end of the match. The visitor was relieved to leave San Mams alive, despite going to the return game at a disadvantage, while the local masked the feeling of having missed the chance to put foot and a half in the final in Seville. There was only one exultant man on the pitch and that was Rui Silva, aware that, if your team gets the comeback in Los Crmenes, be largely thanks to him. (Narration and statistics: 1-0)

It was the goalkeeper who stopped a good Athletic, bright at times from the connection between Muniain Y Williams. The only one but those of Garitano It was the usual, its difficulty to define face to face and take advantage of the occasions it generates. There were many, many more than usual, but only managed to specify one of them. Insufficient baggage after the seen, but after all an advantage that brings you closer to the Cup final.

There was a big night atmosphere in San Mams, one of those in which each pass of yours is celebrated and those of the rival are booed. Almost full field, cows armchairs just in the visitors' stand and in the VIP ring which, what more curious things happen, s was overflowing a week ago against Bara. Athletic did not allow that memory to intoxicate him, no matter how much Garitano bet on the same eleven, so far only exhibited before rivals at home or at home. Well, there was a change, significant too. Herrern, eternal Athletic goalkeeper goalkeeper, stayed on the bench. As he also did Diego Martnez, the Athletic technician has renounced at the moment of truth to deliver the Cup to his substitute goalkeeper. The best are Simn Y Rui Silva and it is they who played.

Alavs barely had a job during a first half in which Athletic was far superior. Just a couple of shots of Soldier Y Blacksmith in the first quarter of an hour they put the local defense in trouble. From there, the rojiblanco domain was incontestable. Muniain was the brain of an operation of harassment and demolition that had to Yuri Y Cap attacking relentlessly by the flanks and to Williams as a free man, looking for holes to run behind the defense and crack it.

Rui Silva had to be used to divert two great chances from Williams and Vesga and sighed watching a Yivo semi-fight march next to his stick. Granada appreciates the stoppages caused by a referee too interventionist to at least breathe. When it seemed that nothing was moving before the break, Williams fell between the back of Vctor Daz Y Duarte to receive a long pass and give the goal on a plate to Muniain, who put justice on the scoreboard.

Goal annulled by the VAR

Continuing to overcome the attacks in waves of Athletic, Martnez corrected his initial bet on the break, giving entry to Vallejo by Doors to move to a scheme of three plants with which to multiply the vigilances to Williams. The message of the Granada coach was clear: 1-0 was acceptable damage and the priority was not to fit the second before looking for a draw.

I did not change the film too much, with Athletic always hovering around his area and even scoring a goal through Capa that was subsequently canceled out of Williams positional play. The referee, after consulting the monitor at the request of the VAR, understood that it covered the vision of the goalkeeper and corrected his initial decision to grant the goal.

Garitano introduced Aduriz to look more mordant, but the fatigue was making a dent in an Athletic, which ended the game in the reserve. Granada wanted to take advantage of it, but Simn blocked his only dangerous approach. Everything will be resolved in Los Crmenes. And Rui Silva is the one to blame for it.

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