Peter Crouch likes Gareth Bale's verticality and physical might and urges Tottenham to stay with him. Once the Welshman's loan period ends, the former Spurs striker believes the institution should count on his football. For it, They would have to make the purchase of the player, owned by Real Madrid, effective. His loan expires this summer, so a decision will have to be made in the coming months.


Bale, 31, rejoined his old club this season after a disappointing end of career in Zinedine Zidane's team. Despite a sterile start to his second spell at Tottenham, Bale has already scored ten goals in 25 appearances this season.

Tottenham Shield / Flag

Crouch feels that Mourinho should ask President Daniel Levy to sign Bale for the next campaign. Believe the winger loves life in North London and it is still as good as it was in its day. Bale scored 26 goals in the final season of his career at Tottenham in 2013 and He was named the PFA Player of the Year.

But Crouch also admits that a deal like this could be difficult to achieve, since Bale earns 700,000 euros a week at Real Madrid and the Spurs are paying him less than half.

The former striker for the White Hart Lane team, who He spoke to the Paddy Power portal, focusing his concern on the economic issue. “There is a lot to discuss with Gareth Bale and if he should stay at Spurs this summer. It will cost Tottenham a lot of money to maintain it. However, he's getting into good shape lately and he's showing what a good player he is, “he said.

To pick up the rhythm of the competition and his happiness in England, keys: “Gareth was very excited to return to Spurs this summer and play soccer regularly. The first few months were not really good for him, but now he has regained his balance. He can go back to 2013 level, he needs the love of the fans“Word of Peter Crouch.


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