Christina Portathe reporter of Save me who endured the incursion in full direct of Martha I canand that was the trigger for the dismissal of the girlfriend of Antonio David Flores by the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana and his disappearance from the Mediaset screens, he is not happy with the business decision, but he understands it: “They thank me for his dismissal, but it was not my intention and I am not happy about anything that could harm people “.

After Marta’s dismissal, Cristina has spoken to The Objetive and has recognized, in an elegant way, that Marta had earned the dismissal: “I think that the workers have to row in favor of the chain, not only of the producer. I believe that Unicorn has done what it has considered thinking of the chain in which he works. The maximum respect must be had for the chain and I think they have made the decision based on that,” he explained.

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On the origin of her colleague’s plummet, the reporter admits that she had a bad time: “For me it was a very tense moment, I never experienced anything like this and I was a reporter for many years. It happened and I found it, it was provoked, I did not expect it. I did not know that it was going to have this repercussion and that it was going to take on this dimension, but it was a very unpleasant moment, and I think that the obligation, the experience and the years made me hold back a lot, because I have character, but I try to speak politely”, he confessed.

Marta Riesco not only got into the plane of a channel program for which she worked directly from a colleague, preventing her from carrying out her work normally. What has aggravated it is the harassment of Cristina Porta that she has continued to carry out after her through social networks, which has ended up destroying her career forever.

The Unicorn Content producer decided days later to reduce her appearances on the screen, and after her insistent and media presence in the networks on the subject, she has ended up definitively dispensing with Riesco this week, as the protagonist has desperately confirmed through of their social networks.

Since the clash provoked against the contestant of Secret Storyshe has not stopped receiving congratulations for her way of dealing with bullying: “The repercussion was very great, and almost everyone wrote to me, fortunately for the better. They congratulated me and I felt that I did nothing or provoked anything. They give me thank you for your dismissal, but it was not my intention and I am not happy about anything that could harm people”, confirms Porta.