Portugal’s debut in the Qatar World Cup 2022 this thursday and Cristiano Ronaldo, emotional, has burst into tears when listening to the anthem of his selection. The crack’s reaction has quickly gone viral on social networks, where a few minutes after the start of the match they already congratulated him on his first goal, thus becoming the first and only player in history to score in five different World Cups: Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022.

Rarely have we been able to see the Portuguese footballer so excited, who projects an image of a tough and cold guy that is very well cared for. However, the last few weeks have been so hard for Cristiano Ronaldo that he decided to give an explosive interview to British television to force him out of Manchester United. He attacked the club and the coach, and not only on professional issues but also on personal ones: “They did not show empathy when my son died,” said the athlete. The consequences of the crack were not long in coming: the club terminated its contract with the legend immediately.

Leaving Real Madrid was a big mistake. The experts say so and even Cristiano himself now recognizes it, who sees an uncertain professional future in the final stretch of his career as an active sportsman. At 37, he faces the World Cup in Qatar as the last in his life, hence his emotion, mixed with the sadness of not knowing if he will have a team to play in 2023 and of having left Manchester in the ugliest way

back to Portugal

Experts and followers agree: Cristiano Ronaldo should close his career in his native country, to whom he is very close despite having spent half of his life outside of it. It would be almost poetic to end where it began. Sporting Lisbon would be delighted to receive him, now all that’s left is for Georgina to support him, because according to Cristiano’s close circle, her opinion has a lot of weight in the family.

It seems that this is how it will be: at the end of the summer, Cristiano and Georgina enrolled their children in the Saint Julian’s College, located between Cascais and Lisbon, very elitist and whose tuition costs up to 22,000 dollars. In addition, the Portuguese star and his girlfriend have acquired the most expensive house in Portugal, bought for 11 million euros but with a reform in the making for another 10 million more. It is located in the paradisiacal area of ​​Quinta da Marinha, half an hour from Lisbon airport and ten minutes from the center of Cascais.