If there is a temptation today in Portugal that es Nuno Mendes. The young left-hander was called up for the first time by the Portuguese absolute and was guarded by neither more nor less than Cristiano Ronaldo. In the previous match against Azerbaijan, the Sporting player was seen alongside the Juventus star. The cameras captured the two talking with great complicity at all times. Curious when it comes to a newly promoted.

Nuno Mendes, at 18 years old, It is one of the sensations of the Portuguese league. So much so that big clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester City follow him closely. The latest information assures that Guardiola would have already anticipated this young player, coming to speak with his surroundings. Mendes has just renewed his contract with Sporting until 2025. Its 17 million market value is accessible both in Manchester and in Madrid and Barcelona.

This great complicity with Cristiano could be key to the future of the player before the attempt of the greats of Europe. The race for Nuno Mendes has begun, will Cristiano Ronaldo have something to advise him?