Cristiano Ronaldo, How could it be otherwise, he was the main protagonist of the win that Juventus endorsed on his visit to Barcelona at the Camp Nou. The Portuguese contributed a penalty double to secure the top spot in the Champions League group. In addition, 'CR7' showed his happiness and emotion to return to play in Spain, in addition to his famous reunion with Leo Messi.

Round day: “Very good, we are very happy. We knew it was an almost impossible mission, to come to the Camp Nou and score three goals … We played well. The key to the game was to get into the game well, the first 30 minutes we were 0-2. From there we believed it was possible ”.

Hit on the Juve table: “Yes. It can be an injection of confidence, we needed a victory like this against a great team like Barça, regardless of whether they are having a bad time. That is why it will give us more confidence. I hope that in the next matches we feel that and we can continue on our way ”.

Araújo says it is not a penalty. Is it a penalty ?: “I don't know, I didn't watch television, but football is like that. Sometimes there are non-existent penalties, sometimes the other way around. They are decisions and I don't want to go in there. The referee's work is complicated, but if he has given it, it seemed to him that it was a penalty. But when you score three goals at the Camp Nou there is no doubt who deserved to pass the first one “

Messi: “I have always had a very cordial relationship with him. As I said, share 12, 13 or 14 years of award ceremonies with him…. I never saw him as a rival. He always tries to do what is best for his team and his team and so do I. I've always gotten along very well with him. If you ask him he will answer the same thing. But we know that in football they try to look for a rivalry to look for enthusiasm. I see him as always. Barcelona is going through a difficult time but it is still Barça. I'm sure they are going to get through this bad period. All the teams go through a bad streak ”.

Who is the GOAT ?: “I don't go there, we won, I'm happy, we passed as first and I want to continue like this. I want to be prepared for the big battles ”.

On the other hand, he also wanted to express himself through his social networks. On his official Twitter profile he posted a message to convey his excitement for the game played by his team. “It's always good to go back to Spain and Catalonia. It's always difficult to play at the Camp Nou against one of the best teams I've ever faced. Today we were a team of champions! A true, strong and united family! Playing like this we don't have nothing to fear. Come on!