The central Portuguese of Pomegranate, Sundays
Duarte, said that having debuted with the senior team of his country is “a spectacular sensation” and stressed that Christian
Ronaldo, captain of Portugal, is “a very good uncle”, who “always helps you.”

“Debuting with Portugal was a spectacular sensation. You always dream of singing the anthem in the green, which is the maximum there can be for a footballer who since childhood dreams of playing for his country. I hope I can live it again “, he said Sundays
Duarte about his recent debut with the Portuguese team.

The center-back was “happy” with his debut, which took place in the friendly played by Portugal last week before Andorra after spending “a year going” with the senior team and not having premiered.

Duarte highlighted, in statements provided this Friday by the Pomegranate, the figure of Christian
Ronaldo, forward of Juventus
Turin and captain of the Portuguese team.

“It is exciting to play alongside Cristiano because he is the greatest figure in the country. He is a very good uncle, a very good captain, and he always helps you and is there to encourage you ”, he stressed.

He is a very good uncle, a very good captain and always helps you

The defender of Pomegranate He said that “if I had not played in the First Division” with the rojiblanco team, “I would not have been able to debut” with Portugal, for which he thanked the club, the teammates and the coaching staff.

“I am growing a lot, I am a more mature player who has improved in several facets and in that the coach (Diego Martínez) and the club have helped me a lot,” he added.

Focused ahead of the game against Valladolid

Duarte made it clear that his debut with Portugal “It is over” and that “the most important thing” now is the party that the Pomegranate “Sunday against Valladolid”, so they have to be “focused on what is coming.”

“We are a team that adapts to what they propose. It is good that there are many games, we will all have many minutes and we must be prepared for when it plays, because in the end we will have all opportunities, “he said.

The Portuguese international considered that “it is good that there is competition within the team” because that serves to “improve day by day” and affirmed that they have “a long way” to go in a season in which they have “many things to fight for ”.