Cristiano faces a season of changes after leaving Manchester United with a controversial interview and leave to play in Saudi Arabia. His search for new challenges included the sale of his private plane that, until now, had resisted him. But the Portuguese star already has a buyer for his Gulstream G-200.

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When he put it up for sale, the athlete was asking for 20 million euros, but, for the moment, the final price for which he closed the purchase agreement or the identity of the buyer has not been disclosed, as it advances ABC.

The aircraft, which the footballer acquired when he was on the Real Madrid squad, is a real luxury. It has a fridge, microwave, electric oven, Wi-Fi, telephone and a complete multimedia system. It has a capacity for ten people and reaches a maximum speed of 560 miles per hour. However, for Cristiano it is no longer enough and he intends to acquire a bigger one.

The truth is that in the Ronaldo-Rodríguez family they are already one more since the birth of the little girl Bella Esmeralda on April 18, 2022. Georgina and her boy also have Christian Jr, Eva, Mateoy Alana Martina. On numerous occasions we have seen them posing aboard his father’s private jet.

The Portuguese flew for the last time with his plane to Riyadh, where he has signed for Al-Nassr for 200 million euros per season. Figure that has made the striker the highest paid player in the world. His millionaire fortune is also made up of large properties, hair treatment clinics, hotels, jewelry, a luxurious boat and a collection of high-end cars. His last acquisition was a Rolls Royce for 350,000 euros that Jaca gave him for Christmas.