Cris Carter
Cris Carter

The entire world is currently suffering from the outburst of Coronavirus which is really deadly. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most countries did order each and every citizen to isolate themselves at their homes for safety purposes. But even though, there are so many people who are struggling hard to recover from such a deadly virus. Many people who are capable enough to do so are helping the people suffering from the Coronavirus. Cris Carter is also an addition to the list of people working hard to help people who are suffering.

Cris Carter Helps People Affected By COVID-19

In the last week, The Hall of Fame receiver talks to USA Today Sports about the warning to his theme.  “This pandemic is a Wicked event. We just can’t go through it and act as if we don’t care. Everyone can have some type of impact.”

Cris Carter is one of the best “Gold Jackets” who supports Project Isaiah. Isaiah is a charitable organization that serves people during the Coronavirus pandemic for free. The organization follows the helpful goal of providing boxed meals and employment to food-service workers. Michael Klin’s Project was successful enough to sever more than 1.7 million meals in 11 cities. It is remarkable to know that they are serving communities that are struggling hard with the COVID-19 crisis.

Carter, 54, did a PSA for the project on Facebook while asking other Hall of Famers for help. He also did call on the business contacts who can be able to donate while conducting online interviews to raise awareness. He says, “If you donate $100, you can feed a family for a week”.

Cris continues, “It touches me personally because I don’t know what my family would have done 30, 40 years ago if there had been a pandemic”.

“If I was a young kid sitting around all day and my mom couldn’t go to work and we couldn’t go to school, it would have been tough. I was going to school for at least two of my meals.”

Cris Carter is surely giving voice to feelings that can be so difficult to describe. He is trying to do whatever he can in whichever way to help the people who are suffering through the Coronavirus pandemic.


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