“Needless”. According to TV3, that’s what Philippe Coutinho told Sergi when Ansu broke down and the new team coach asked the Brazilian to come out and warm up. The phrase of the former Liverpool player did not fall on deaf ears. Sergi did not take him out to play after the break (the change ended up being Alejandro Balde) and he did not have a minute. The player denied, upon arrival at the Brazil camp, having an unprofessional behavior, but according to TV3 his gesture made the dressing room feel bad, the drop that was missing in Coutinho’s glass, who has been protected by his teammates and who now sees how even that shield fades.

Barça wants to get rid of Coutinho, with a contract until 2023, as they can, but it is not easy. It is not that nobody wants to take charge of your file. It is not interesting sportsmanship either. What is surprising is that in this very poor state of form, Tite has thrown him a cable by summoning him for the qualifying matches for the World Cup. And although the Brazilian coach protected him on the grounds that he is still an elite player and that they have to give him the tools to regain that level, He did not give him any minute against Colombia and neither against Argentina.

Coutinho's photo

The last burning nail that Philippe Coutinho could grab onto was Koeman, who tried to recover it however he was for the lack of troops and turn him into a useful footballer. But it was not possible. And besides, Koeman is gone. Xavi has given the OK to the sports management to find a way out for him which, in addition to losing his sporting level, has suffered mentally in recent months in Barcelona. Coutinho’s seems like a present without a future at Barça, but his record is very high and his suitors very few. It is a dead end situation.