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Courtois: “That we get a goal in 85 can not happen”

Gabby Barker



Courtois He analyzed the draw of his team after finishing the match between the white team and Celta before the cameras of Movistar LaLiga.

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Second goal: “Angry because we fit goal. It's a complicated game because they started scoring a goal soon. They defend well with 11 and then I make a good stop to keep the game with 0-1. Then in the second part we have scored fast goals but we missed some points that are worth a lot at home. “

Again goals against: “Nor have they reached much up. We have defended well and Denis turns well and there is a good clearing of Santi Mina that puts it well. Two points lost today that tastes bad.”

Hazard's Return: “Little by little it will have a rhythm after almost three months out. Surely it will go further and help us against Levante.”

Goals conceded. “There is no need to be worried. In the Cup it is a single game and many things can happen. The madness of the Cup must be removed. Against Osasuna it was difficult to keep the goal to zero, but we won and if there are no goals it would be boring. Now these two goals we have to see them with the coach and see what mistakes we have had. “

League. “We won in complicated fields like Osasuna and today we have lost two points. The teams defend more like today. When the match is already over, they are Valladolid's match and today against Celta. They score a goal for us in 85 can't pass. Now we have to work to prepare the match against Levante. “

Doubts. “The good thing we did in recent months cannot be changed for today or the Cup.”

Then he went through a mixed zone.

What has failed? “We have not played bad game, he killed us his first goal so quickly. I make a good stop before the break and in the second half we started well and controlled the game. We lost two points.”

The team has conceded seven goals in three games … “In the Cup it was a single game, everything can happen. It's the madness of the Cup. Before Osasuna we made a very good game, we can't always have the goal to zero. Football like that would be boring. They are two class goals from them , we would have to analyze them in the locker room to see if we did something wrong and correct it2.

Madrid has left points at the Bernabéu, and not a few … “We won in complicated fields as in El Sadar, and of course we did not want to lose those points today. Football changes, the teams defend more here and it cost us. The games that hurt are Valladolid and this one, which mark us in the last minutes. That can't happen, but you have to go ahead and work. “

Are there any doubts? “No, everything good we did in recent months does not disappear for the Cup or to tie today, it does not change. We have to defend well, with eleven, in the line we were doing. This wakes us up a little in case there was something of relaxation, I don't believe it. We have to find strength, we know the team we are. “

Did Mendy's entry dislodge the team? “I don't know, I haven't seen him like that in the field. They are decisions of the master, he commands and we have to do our thing.”

Barça has gone through many problems, but it is only one point away … “There are always games that escape, but it is more what is spoken. What counts are the victories. We have to keep winning our matches, there is always more noise outside the locker room. Barça will come strong in two weeks and we have to continue winning. “

Hazard returned and played well. “He is not in the best moment yet, but he has played 70 minutes well, I have not seen him tired, he had a spark, he has been penalized … I see him well, he associated well. I hope he can play more against Levante for the matches that they come later. He has been training with us for almost two weeks, the coach has found it convenient and is the one who decides best. “

Can the City be affected by the FIFA sanction? “No, they may have even more desire to win. But those things when they happen are foreign to the locker room, the players play the games. Then there is the TAS and so on, I don't think they are with that in mind.”

Hazard: “We have to be more successful on the occasions we create”

Her return. “I found myself well, I am happy to have been able to play 70 minutes, but I still need time to be well, in the end I was somewhat tired. I am happy for my performance and for being back, but not for the result. I wanted to win the match, but we are still at the top of the standings. “

Draw against Celta. “When they win 2-1 you should end up winning the game, but they have good players and opportunities to score. We remain at the top of the standings and there are many many games left to win trophies. We have to be more successful in the occasions we create “.

Lack of goal “No, I think we had many occasions and we had to score. It's a matter of time to mark because the occasions are coming. I don't think it's a problem.”

Ramos: “A hard draw, but we're still up “

The Spanish Sergio Ramos, captain of Real Madrid, assured after the tie against Celta (2-2) in the Santiago Bernabéu what it was a “hard” result that they have to “digest”, but he stayed with the positive part since they continue “above”, referring to that they maintain the leader of the classification by a point on Barcelona.

A hard draw that we have to digest and from which we have to draw conclusions, but we continue up. You have to keep working and pushing “, Ramos wrote in his official Twitter social network account.

In addition, Ramos took the opportunity to congratulate Real Madrid Basketball with a message that said “Congratulations! Very big!” in reference to the 28th Copa del Rey title conquered by the white team after beat Unicaja de Málaga (68-95) in the final played this Sunday.

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