Atlético faces the final stretch to achieve another of the infrastructures that will round off an ambitious transformation phase. The Wanda Metropolitano is already in operation, close to celebrating its fifth anniversary, and the start-up of the Ciudad Deportiva de Alcalá de Henares, which uses grassroots football They are two of the legs that have raised the infrastructure bar for a club that had a huge deficit there. But a third work is missing that will place him squarely among the best at European level.

Athletic Shield/Flag

The achievement of a great sports city and top-level facilities on the land attached to the Wanda Metropolitano is the immediate project that occupies Atlético and which is now going through a decisive phase. The idea of ​​giving shape to the West Sector Olympic Park plan is also a commitment by the city of Madrid to finally find a way out of the failed Olympic project and recover the spaces that were allocated to that initiative, with a solution for the Aquatic Center as Another major issue to resolve.

The large sports center project where the city of Atlético is framed in the district of San Blas-Canillejas is about to take a new step. The consistory is already studying the proposal submitted by the club. The land annexed to the Wanda Metropolitano must have, by planning, an exclusive sports use and Atlético sent the Madrid City Council its general plan, as sources from the consistory confirm to this newspaper. At this time, the file is in the phase of requesting reports from all areas of the local government to have a general idea from the technical and legal point of view before being able to take it to the plenary session. Valuation is in progress. The process could already take a short time.

One of the initial projects of the West Sector Olympic Park plan in the San Blas-Canillejas district of Madrid.

The engineering work plans to modify 1.2 million square meters of land to build one of the largest sports centers in Europe, a mixed-use infrastructure, for the use of Atlético and the residents of Madrid. The rojiblanco club will receive a long concession, for a minimum of 70 years, of some land on which it will build its sports city, where the first team will move in the future. Leaving the current Majadahonda for another part of the lower categories. At this time, the transformation of a first lot of land is being studied, inside it is planned from the construction of a small stadium if possible, a residence, offices, passing through soccer fields, tracks for different sports and even, for the second intervention , an enclosure with a great wave for the practice of surfing. In addition, a new improvement of the accesses must be undertaken.

There are several designs that are currently in the adjustment phase in order to specify, once the technical reports have been studied, that they will be able to accurately house the stadium annexes in this first part of the intervention. The Aquatic Center will not enter it first, as it will be part of a second batch still with an action to study, but with the commitment that it will also have a use within the environment. Atlético will use an important part of the economic boost from the agreement with CVC to continue growing in terms of infrastructure.