Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Celtic Shield / Flag

Streak: “We had the 0-1 and from that play came 1-0. He was a hierarchy rival. In the first half we dominated and we lacked punch up. We are not happy, but we continue to have a proposal. We will continue working.”

Danger was missing: “Little for what we had the ball. We had to attack the spaces more and at the end we were not fine either. We were repetitive in trying to filter balls through the center. There are things to correct and we will try to improve.”

The second goal: “With 2-0 the game changed, but losing our most important player made it more difficult for us.”

Nolito and Aspas: “The Nolito thing has been a change, it may be that it is loaded due to the short recovery time. The Aspas thing may be more worrying because it was in a play in which the rhythm changes and it got hard on the back. “It is not serious, it is not a tear. It is not like when you feel a bullet behind you. Surely, we will lose it for the next two games. Whoever has to be, will be in the best shape.”

Copa del Rey: “We are going to try to dose. We are a short staff and with the regulations that exist it is difficult to do the number of rotations that I would like”.


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