The 'Panther' is back. Diego Costa He returned to have minutes with him
Atlético de Madrid
after he was injured in the fourth game of the season.

The mattress striker, who joined the work with the rest of his teammates, just a few days ago, jumped onto the pitch at 71 minutes, replacing one of those who were being more prominent, Marcos Llorente.

The forward reappeared after his recent muscle injury that has kept him out of six games. The player, who was injured before Celtic On October 17, he missed appointments before Bayern, Betis, Salzburg, Osasuna, Lokomotiv and Cádiz.

The truth is that the forward's absence coincided with the best streak of play and results

He went out mainly so that the companions could look for him long, also because the Barça I was more overturned. So much Joao Fel
ix as Koke They looked for him on several occasions to launch his career, but he lacked a point of speed.

The truth is that it shows that he will still have to pick up a competitive pace but he leaned in. He touched the ball 28 times, gave 21 passes, of which 16 reached their destination and lost a ball. He had two aerial balls and took one in contention. His most dangerous action was the one he had at the end, with an intermission in the area in which he finally gave a pass that did not find a partner.

Now, one of the questions that remain to be resolved is what role he will play in the next matches because we already say that the Athletic he has found a very stable and successful drawing and style with him outside of team dynamics.


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