Cornellà added three points to their locker after winning 1-3 against Betis Deportivo this Saturday at Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol. Betis Deportivo faced the game with the intention of recovering their score in the standings after suffering a defeat by 2 -0 in the previous match against FC Andorra. As for the visiting team, Cornellà was defeated 0-1 in the last game they played against Sabadell. Thanks to this result, the Cornellanense team is twelfth, while Betis Deportivo is eighteenth at the end of the match.

The first team to score was the Cornellanense team, who took advantage of the play to open the scoring with a goal from Víctor Fernández in the 30th minute. Betis Deportivo tied thanks to a goal from Raúl in the 37th minute, thus ending the first period with a 1-1 in the light.

The second part of the duel began in an unbeatable way for the visiting team, who took advantage of the play to cross the net of their rival with another goal from Víctor Fernández, who thus achieved a doublet moments after the resumption of the match, specifically in minute 49 Subsequently, Cornellà scored, distancing themselves thanks to Zalaya’s direct free-kick in the 79th minute. Finally, the match ended with a 1-3 on the scoreboard.

In the chapter on changes, the Betis Deportivo players who entered the game were Moha, Sibo, Mizzian and Ángel Ortiz replacing Baena, Marc Baró, Kike Hermoso and Fekir, while the Cornellà changes were Dorca, Andreu, Gonzalez and Eloy Gila, who entered to replace Pepe Bernal, Andrada, Víctor Fernández and Chiki.

The referee sanctioned four players with a yellow card. He showed two yellow cards to Simón Lecea and Mizzian, from Betis Deportivo and two to Chiki and Rulo from Cornellà.

With 16 points, Cornellà placed twelfth in the league table at the end of the match, while Betis Deportivo placed eighteenth with eight points.

The next day both teams will play in their stadium. The Betic team will do it against Linense, while Cornellà will face Sevilla At.