Corinna Larsen continues to narrate episodes that she allegedly experienced during her stage as a special friend of the King Juan Carlos. In the new chapter of the podcast, she talks about the times that the emeritus would have asked her to marry him and also about another meeting that he would have had with the Queen Sofia in the year 2014.

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Corinna dates back to June 4 of that year, just two days after Don Juan Carlos announced his abdication. That June 4, the mother of Philip VI received the Path to Peace Award in New York.

The German businesswoman, who was also in the city of skyscrapers, says that the two were staying in the same Upper East Side hotel: “She and I now found ourselves in an extremely narrow space, with two elevators for the entire hotel , a small lobby and one entrance one exit, all the paparazzi were outside and somehow they would blame me again. Because they had already blamed me for everything and I was like ‘oh my God, they are going to hold me responsible for the abdication too’ “.

The princess found out that Doña Sofía planned to eat in the restaurant of the same hotel. To avoid awkward episodes, she decided to eat out of it with her good friend Julian Schnabel, painter and film director. However, to her surprise, the emeritus changed her plans and went to eat, coincidentally, at the same restaurant that Corinna chose and which is also near the same hotel.

Schnabel himself, by telephone, warned Corinna before her arrival: “He tells me: ‘Guess who is in the restaurant. It’s Sofia, the Queen'”. Faced with this warning, the princess did not change her plans and, when she entered the establishment, they both exchanged glances: “She was there with a friend and she stared at me. When I entered it was almost as if she was looking for a confrontation to say: ‘Poor thing victim, the wife betrayed on the day of her husband’s abdication and here is the horrible lover”.

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It is not the only meeting between the two that he narrates in his podcast, since in the first episodes he spoke of another that would have taken place in the Palacio de la Zarzuela itself, when Juan Carlos himself gave him a ‘home tour’ of the house , state property. The mother of the infantas Elena and Cristina, according to Corinna, released a forceful: “I know who you are.”

Between episode and episode, it must be remembered that Corinna’s lawsuit against Don Juan Carlos in London for harassment is still on. On the other hand, there are news related to the Treasury investigation. A few days ago, the former Head of State admitted that he did not pay for his hunting and agreed with the Treasury to pay a penalty. With the agreement reached with the Tax Agency, he assumes the blame for him and will have to pay the amounts requested by the tax authorities, which thus closes the inspection.

This act of conformity is added to the voluntary regularizations that he carried out for an amount of just over five million to avoid being accused of various tax crimes and that were validated by the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, and this despite the fact that the king had been notified that he was being investigated.