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A goal in own goal and another of Brahim in the discount dissolve the troubles of the team of Zidane in the field of the Unionists (1-3).

Casemiro and Nacho congratulate Brahim after 1-3.


The wet dream of Luis Rubiales, that Interclass Cup, of burdens for the greats in small fields, of millionaires against bakers, became meat last night for a while. Real Madrid and Barcelona suffered, both required to pass the round. Behind the Show from Arabia, played on the periphery of the lite. Surely, whites do not play again in the remainder of the century in a field like Las Pistas de Salamanca.

The beach music was the best heating last night in the peculiar field where Madrid opened its trip butcher. The selection of the DJ moved the feet, and it was appreciated. Minute by minute, as the evening progressed, the thermometer pricked a little more. At 9:00 p.m., there were only three degrees left to reach zero. The Salamanca steppe hugged the pitch, with no more parapet before the freezing air than a little bunk of preference, on the side of the benches.

There, the presidential box was differentiated by the seat pads, the greatest luxury for Emilio Butragueo and the rest of managers who arrived from the Bernabu. The Madrid protocol staff distributes the assigned locations.

Asking for the mayor

Opposite and on both sides, the tartn was cut with small rows of bleachers with ariznica hedges on the back. Pap, I'm very happy, said a boy with his Unionist scarf. The cold, normal here, did not bitter the local parish, excited about the miracle before them. The visit of the white giant was the jackpot to a very young club, founded to honor the ashes of old Salamanca.

The volunteers helped the press, located on a row of stone. For the editors, as for the Madrid players, it was a trip to the past, to the Third Chronicles with bacon sandwich and relieving caldito. The radios, on a table. And the fan, asking for the mayor of the city, criticized by the Unionists after proposing that the party be played in the Helmntico. He refused the club, true to its essences. The Pistas or Las Pistas, repeated. They opted to be consistent with their philosophy.

Popular football, popular football, the most bullangueros fans sang when the whites, with the Champions lineup, jumped to warm-up. James Y Bale they rubbed their hands to clear the cold; Y Marcelo Y Casemiro They looked sideways at the meandering lines of the area, painted somewhat trembling on a grass obscured by frost and snow. The makeshift portable lighting towers do not impede blind corners.

Bale, half limping

In the middle of the light the meeting began, with the runrn among the public of fright that Barcelona was taking in Ibiza. Salchichn de Toledo, advertised on the electronic fences, while electronic tracks of Old Gold sounded. Zidane had the pit on the right where Jonathan Edwards I broke the triple jump world record in 1998. The other record in the history of athletics rests on the northern bottom of Las Pistas. A plaque recalls the vertical flight of Javier Sotomayor in 1993: his high jump (2.45) an insurmountable.

At 10 minutes, Bale was already limping, Ya? Half looking at the bench, not knowing if to stay or leave, he scored 0-1. Opt to follow. Better to jog on the grass than shiver on the bench. In the band, in the second part, he saw the goal of lvaro Romero for the tie of Unionists. The delirium for the charros was only dissolved by a noise and the unfortunate auction at his own door.Juan Gngora. Already in the added, Brahim daz close 1-3.

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