Copa del Rey basketball: Campazzo leads the reconquest of Real Madrid: Copa champion after sweeping Unicaja

Unicaja 68 – Real Madrid 95




Three years later, the whites raise the trophy after sweeping the final of the Carpena to Malaga. Campazzo found in Carroll (20 points) the best ally. 19 title of the Laso era

Facu Campazzo, before Alberto Daz, in the Carpena.

The reconquest of Real Madrid was an exercise of forcefulness as it was not remembered, a show of power in Mlaga, as if to make it clear that your bet is still standing, that the Laso era has a rope for a while. Three years later, the whites raised the Cup again, number 28 of its history, Title 19 since a guy called to reconcile the club with his past based on sanity and basketball wisdom landed on the bench. Neither controversial nor doubts nor curses, was the Facundo Campazzo Cup, monumental in the Carpena. (Narration and statistics (68-95)

There is no greater spur than the rage contained. If there is something that hurt the heart of the white squad were the two Cups lost in the end of heart attack and controversies against Bara, who still without the millionaire reconstruction last summer had cut the white streak in a tournament that had had so many years apart from his palm, as if he were bewitched. Madrid did not arrive this time, much less fully, with a beginning of a year, but the blow on the table in the first serious title of the course has been of those who invite to dream with feats. Because this time all its mechanisms worked with a continuity as it had not been seen until now. And that several of his key pieces do not go in their best physical condition.

There was Rudy Fernndez, touchingly sore after being replaced, or Randolph, doubts until the beginning. Llull himself is still looking for his best version. But neither Bilbao nor Valencia nor Unicaja in the final could delve into those chinks. Mainly because Campazzo's super powers they make virtues flow where there can be uncertainties. In the final he found a perfect partner in Carroll, another of those old rockers who resist the passage of time, of the few who have lived since the first day of the lasismo.

2012 at the Sant Jordi

The white power was such that the final had no history. Electricity did not last long for Unicaja, despite the dreams that flooded the city with euphoria. Spiritual dawn, how could it be otherwise in the great atmosphere that adorned the Carpena, on the occasion of winning the first title of his story at home. And when Laso decided that at the first Tavares scare in the form of a foul the giant would go to the bench, a sky opened in the area that he might not expect. But soon the clouds came.

Because the one who wanted the final was Jaycee Carroll, that the explosion with a first quarter of those before, as if it had gone back in time, as if it were still in the end of 2012 in the Sant Jordi, the one that was the first stone of the Laso cycle. Showing how much you will miss. With Felipe dealing with the painting and Campazzo directing, Madrid dealt a blow to Unicaja that left him reeling (14-35, min. 14), with a desperate success from the perimeter.

Reyes, with the trophy of the Copa del Rey in the Carpena.
Reyes, with the trophy of the Copa del Rey in the Carpena.ACB MEDIA

The script of the semifinals is repeated, the malagueos torn as was Valencia. The baskets are resistant to those of Luis Casimir out of sheer anxiety Although there was a guy then determined to try to change everything. If there is something Daro Brizuela has, he arrives at Mlaga from Students, it is shameless. Osada to try to overthrow the order that is presupposed, to break the deadly inertia of Madrid. Heading the Basque a partial 12-0, breaking the badge with triple Unicaja. The Carpena was turned on and Laso had to get back to Campazzo, that not even a breath can be taken. With a triple end of the Argentine, the white advantage was juicy at rest.

Roller Cruelty

It was going to be, however, the only answer that Unicaja kept in his bedroom, exhausted and dedicated, frustrated by the white mechanisms, which for more inri now had Tavares obscuring everything on the track. With Carroll growing and Campazzo compulsively distributing happiness (13 assists), Madrid finished in the third quarter the final, with a cruelty of steamroller.

Only forces remained in the Carpena for reconnaissance. To Carroll and Campazzo (of course MVP), because they were too much. TO Felipe Reyes, in case there was no other occasion. And Unicaja himself, who, in the third final of his story, came face to face with the reality of a rival that if he knows something is precisely that, win finals.

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