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Copa del Rey basketball: A final polmico leaves Tenerife without semifinals

Gabby Barker



Iberostar Tenerife 85 Morabanc Andorra 87




MoraBanc Andorra won its first game in the history of the Cup after defeating a Tenerife commanded by Huertas.

Senglin's action on Konate that the referees left without punishment.

He spent everything in a last minute frantic, pure Cup. Faults in the limit, unexplained losses, nerves to the surface and arbitral polics for, finally, an indito semifinalist and another prediction shattered. The third time was the charm for Morabanc Andorra, who already knows what it is to win a cupbearer match, that on Saturday he will look for the final, a feat, after defeating Iberostar Tenerife. (Narration and statistics (85-87))

The whole of Ibon Navarro had deserved a less accidental outcome, since he sent the whole game, making the Canaries pay their lack of tension, as if the Intercontinental Cup won last Sunday had satiated them. But there emerged the genius of Marcelinho Huertas, indefatigable despite his 36 years. He gives that super Pablo Prigioni As the maximum historical assistant of the Copa del Rey, the Brazilian was about to round off a fantastic afternoon.

He was an absolute protagonist. With a basket to make Tenerife dream, with a loss after stepping on the baseline in the absence of three seconds and even with a recovery forcing a lack of attack that returned hope to those of Txus Vidorreta. In that background, with 85-86, the referees did not point out what looked like a Senglin's clear lack of Konate. Hannah sentenced for Andorra from the free kick. “It is clear unsportsmanlike. I have not wanted to see it,” protests after Vidorreta, who this time did not kneel in the middle of the track, like last year in Madrid. “He was very angry. Since the same 59 they have thrown 32 free throws and we 32”, he added.


The Iberostar had cost the entire first part to overcome its particular 'hangover' – after a start in which he was surprised by Todorovic and Diagn, consecutively-, find the loopholes for which to end the resistance of a challenging Andorra, willing to win the first cupper match in its history. Contrary to that of three years ago in Vitoria, I was going to experience the fantastic sensation of winning in an agnical ending. Then it was the forever famous 'back field' of Llull, in the Carpena Les Toc Sonrer (in 1995 the rooms were not super in Granada either).

The maximum came around the changing room, after a triple of Hannah and a past hoop of Musli (44-54) -Your battle with Shermadini in the painting, like two giants of another time, called attention, because of the unusual. It was the alarm voice, the limit that Vidorreta was willing to reach. Although it was going to cost a little more. His first reaction (59-59), was interrupted by another Andorran lease, which was to start the final act with an interesting income (62-70).

Everything is aimed at an agnico outcome, with so much desire to win as fear of getting it in both pgiles. In the absence of five minutes, he still comfortably sent Andorra (70-77), but the reaction led by Huertas, infinite the Brazilian, was powerful. He got ahead of his team after a long time (85-84), with a beautiful penetration. But everything got entangled in a bad way. In the air currency, luck fell from the Andorran side.

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