Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey, Spanish Championship-His Majesty the King's Cup or simply The Cup, is one of the trophies with the longest tradition in Spanish football. In fact, its origin is older than that of the league itself, dating back to 1903.
Its format has been changing over the years and in accordance with the guidelines indicated by the Spanish Football Federation, the institution in charge of organizing the championship.

An opportunity for the modest

The competition of the Copa del Rey It has the peculiarity that it allows clashes between teams of the highest level and others of lower categories such as Second B or Third Division to take place. This system has allowed unforgettable moments to be lived in which a modest club has eliminated a great of Spanish football. Other times, the logic is fulfilled and the powerful prevails. Even so, the simple fact that an elite team visits the field of a humble club is already cause for celebration for its fans.

Record of the Copa del Rey

The great dominator of the tournament is FC Barcelona, ​​which in recent years has taken the Copa del Rey on several occasions and has managed to distance himself from his immediate pursuers: Athletic, Real Madrid, Atlético and Valencia.


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