Controversy with the new name of the Cádiz stadium: the most voted option ruled out

The Cádiz City Council began a participatory process a few months ago to change the name of the Ramón de Carranza stadium on the occasion of the Historical Memory Law. The proposals were received via email and, after meeting with different groups, the chosen ones were the following: La Tacita de Plata, (119 mentions), Bahía de Cádiz (77), Nuevo Mirandilla (57), Gadir (52), Ciudad de Cádiz (56), Gades (27), De la Laguna (19) and La Pepa ( 17).

Cadiz Shield / Flag

These names will first go through a Local Government Board and then reach a citizen vote, in which Cadiz registered in Cádiz and members of the Cadiz club can participate.

The controversy begins with what some groups consider a “veto” by the City Council, which They discarded both the most voted option, “Estadio Carranza”, as well as all the proposals that were names of people such as Mágico González, Manuel Irigoyen, Teófila Martínez or Juan Carlos Aragón. Proposals such as Francisco Franco or Santiago Abascal were also discarded.

In the midst of this controversy, the groups and citizens are divided between those who believe that “Estadio Carranza” does not violate the Historical Memory Law and those who consider that it does violate the norm.