In the middle of worldwide social confinement due to coronavirus, there are many athletes who show through their social networks how they quarantine from their homes. Cristiano Ronaldo It was one of them, who also shared a video on his Instagram account in which he taught his children how to prevent infection.

However, after several days of social distancing, ehe Portuguese decided to leave his luxurious house in Funchal to take a walk with his wife and the little ones. Local reporters echoed that outing and left him photographed.

In the pictures the footballer in beige shorts and jacket could be seen, along with Georgina, dressed in hoodies and a pink diver. Both carried a cart in which were the twins Eva and Mateo and respected the distance between them, she appeared later than him in all the photos. A third person also appeared who seemed to indicate a destination.

The Portuguese star arrived in his hometown on March 4, before the quarantine in Italy was announced, country where he develops his football, to accompany his mother who today recovers at home after having suffered a stroke.

The number of deaths in Portugal from coronavirus rose in the last day by 31% to 100 deceased, while there are already 5,170 infected people (21% more), of which 764 (14.7%) are doctors, nurses or auxiliaries.

The country last Thursday dictated a state of emergency for 15 days: To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the government of the socialist Antonio Costa asked its inhabitants to remain confined to their homes, ordered the closure of non-essential shops and closed its borders with Spain to tourists. However, the government did not issue a mandatory quarantine.

According to Costa, the Government wants on the one hand to preserve the health of citizens and, on the other hand, to keep the economy running with the least possible distortion. Thus, the Portuguese officials consider that current measures are still sufficient to make the rise in the contagion curve still manageable for your health system.

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