The eternal Chica Ye Yé spent this Thursday the Day of the Immaculate Conception, her saint, in the residence on the outskirts of Madrid where she remains hospitalized. Until there she moved her son Manuelwho visits her frequently.

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On leaving the center, the film and theater director answered questions from the press. For the first time, he assured that his mother, shell velasco, is “loose”. However, she tried to downplay the matter and, at the same time, added that it is “fine, really.”

In the same vein, he pronounced Jose Sacristan on November 29, when the great lady of the Spanish scene turned 83: “She is weak, she is delicate, but, as always, the Ye Yé Girl. There is no one who can handle her. She is weak, but she is fine, she is right”. The veteran actor visited his friend at the residence, as well as other friends such as Cayetana Guillen Cuervo.

“She has a barbaric lucidity and continues to remember and be, but anyway, what am I going to say that is not reckless? Concha Velasco is lazy, but she is Concha Velasco until she has to be,” added the protagonist of alone in the early morning85 years old, two more than Concha.

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In October, Velasco suffered a health scare at the Las Rozas residence where she has been admitted, by her own decision and that of her family, for some time. Her son Manuel de ella already assured that her mother is in “the best hands” and, optimistic although cautious, he limited himself to saying that she “is already better.” However, her environment assured us then that the interpreter’s health “is not going through a good time.” Visits to the Valladolid have been considerably restricted.

The actress, who retired from the stage in September of last year, remains admitted to the Orpea Punta Galera residence. She has gardens and lots of space to be outdoors, but Concha misses her house, her things, and her family.